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How to Replace the Ignition Coil in an Oldsmobile Alero

    • 1). Isolate the negative battery cable. You need to disconnect the ground cable from the negative terminal of the battery. You should also set the emergency or parking brake as an additional safety feature.

    • 2). Locate the 11-pin IDI/ICM and disconnect it from the harness connector.

    • 3). Separate the ignition coil and the ignition coil module assembly from the engine.

    • 4). Detach the housing cover retaining screws and remove the cover. Remove the Alero ignition coil, the seal and the contacts from the cover.

    • 5). Replace the old seals with new seals and lubricate the connection with petroleum jelly.

    • 6). Insert the new ignition coil. You can use a universal or a stock replacement ignition coil; just make sure the ignition coil works with your specific engine type.

    • 7). Reassemble the engine components. Make sure you put the connections back in the proper place of the car may not start. Tighten the housing screws to 35 inch pounds (4 Nm) with a torque wrench.

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