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Nostradennis - Prophecy Comes Alive in Our Time

These recently discovered prophecies of the 14th Century monk and mystic, Nostradennis of Greenville, are here presented for the first time.
They were found in a mayonnaise jar on a shelf in the men's room of an old monastery.
Their uncanny references to present day circumstances are just short of astrounding.
Who says Prophecy does not come alive in our time! "And behold shall a bush burn in the desert and many shall be perplexed and afraid that a bush could could speak and become a King of fierce countenance and big bucks.
And betimes shall the season come whenappointments by the people of men, most congressionalshall be made, and it shall terrify the King of the West and vex him most sorely.
Diebolt on de door shall he close and only those of the King shall be accepted, though their end seem near.
And in the time when the Witch of November be blowin, shall the King bring forth vexations of spirit to the people so that appointments by the people of men most congressional shall not be for now.
Postponements shall abound along with wickedness most foul.
A code of Red shall the King most fierce declare upon the people and the Eagle shall smell a rat, though the rat shall yet live for yet a time, times and some more time.
And the people of the King of the West shall languish and cry bwaaaa, bwaaa, bwaaa unto the King and shall hear them not.
'Please kill me not' shall they utter but with scorn shall the bush burns in the desert mock them.
Those that speak for the people shall say naught...
And the King shall chuckle...
And betimes after the great postponement of appointments by the people of men most congressional, shall arise, from the East, a Great Bird to infect the Eagle, though it be planned so to be.
A great sickness shall come upon the Eagle, at the behest of Cardinals aflockin and the people shall be very ill.
And the Eagle that flu so proudly shall flee to it's home and wait till the sickness be past.
This shall occur when the King of West shall near the end of his time come and yet not want it so to be.
Code of Red shall he declare so that it be not that a new King can come.
So he must yet abide a short time more.
And the people shall pray that Thy new King can come, and their will be done,but it shall not be, for the Bush that burns shall declare it not time for New King Can Come and so it cometh not.
And the people of the King of the West shall languish and cry bwaaa, bwaaa, bwaaaunto the King and he shall hear them not..
nor shall he care for them betimes.
Those that speak for the people yet naught shall say nor shall they defend the people from the King most fierce.
And the King shall chuckle and prosper...
And with codes of yellow, orange and red shall the King beguile the people make them oft afeared.
For in afearness shall the power of the King lie.
And the King, with clothes most new, as of an Emperor shall utterly fail betimes.
Those who Rove in the desert of bushes that burn shall also fail betimes and condi-mints shall not be found on beds made wherein the King must now lie.
And then comes the end when the people shall see salvation most needed.
The Eagle shall once again to her senses come and fly not flu, nor of other birds that flu be afeared.
The cardinal, yeah truly, not even peckers of wood shall torment the Eagle and she shall be free.
And the people shall not cry bwaa, bwaa, bwaaa again no more forever, from where the sun now stands.
And they will rise again on eagles wings and be free And those that spoke not for the people shall repent of her sins and of the people beg forgiveness.
And men of congress, shall be of and for the people once again.
Exterminator and terminators shall not prosper, nor shall liars rule the people.
And the King of the West, when inquiry shall be made of the poopage he hath caused, shall say...
"It be not my problem" as oft he spoke when ruler of parts south and west he gave up to be King.
But behold, his problem it is and none shall his advice or counsel seek when to the private sector he is banished.
For what can a King, who burned as a bush so badly in the desert and freedom most precious to the people mocked, do for us?For in the day we hire the ex-King, shall our profits languish and be false profits you betcha believe it.
And the King of the West shall be no more a pox upon the sons of men.
The Lion shall dwell with the Lamb and the little child shall lead them...
Neither shall they learn war anymore...
And common sense shall return a second time betimes again Thus let it be said..
thus let it be written...
thus shall it be..
" I, Nostradennis on the River Saluda,do declare these things that must shortly come to pass.
I drink not the fruit of the vine nor of any weed or mushroom partake, but have revealed for true what mine eye hath seen betimes and all my friends say "prophecy on dude.
"Even so come...
Amen again.
is that not spooky?Nostradennis...
a man ahead of his time!

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