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How to Decorate Your Entryway for a Formal Christmas

  • 1). Scrunch up a piece of glittery fabric such as lam¨¦ on a table or chest that's in the entryway. Nestle glass-bead garlands and sparkling Christmas ornaments into the folds.

  • 2). Set out a crystal bowl with golden or silvery garlands at its base.

  • 3). Team the bowl with silver- or gold-tone candleholders with tapers. Embellish these candleholders with tassels hanging from each candle cup.

  • 4). Light the tapers and dim the electric bulbs when guests are due. Also, burn floating candles in the crystal bowl for guests.

  • 5). Swag each doorway leading from the entry with sparkly garlands; use the same garlands on the hall tree or coat rack.

  • 6). Suspend gilt-type holiday foliage from the chandelier or other light fixture.

  • 7). Arrange a vignette on the floor so that just-entering guests will see it immediately. This could be a glittering imitation Christmas tree with lights and foil-wrapped packages sitting on a lam¨¦ tree skirt.

  • 8). Hang a gold or silver wreath on the interior side of the front door.

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