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How to Tell From Your 8 Characters Whether You Are Cut Out For Marriage Or Cohabitation

In this article, you will look at marriage from a Chinese 8 characters point of view.
Do you know that just by looking at someone's 8 characters, you will be able to tell whether this person is cut out for marriage or cohabitation? I will first share with you the mechanics of how it works, then you will look at a real life case study.
Let me give you a little background in Chinese 8 characters.
In Chinese 8 characters, each of the 5 elements represent a different area of your life.
For each of the 5 elements, there is a "yin" and "yang".
The "yin" and "yang" represents different relationship as well.
In order not to make you confused, I will only touch on relationship and marriage in this article.
In terms of elements, for males, the element which your personal element destroys represents your wife/lover and your wealth.
For females, the element which destroys your personal element represents your husband/lover and your career.
Here's an example...
Let's say you are a male, born on a "yang" Wood day.
Since your personal element is Wood, the element which your personal element destroys is Earth (Wood destroys Earth).
Therefore, Earth represents your wife/lover.
As I mentioned earlier, there is an "yin" and "yang" version of each element.
So in this case, "yin" Earth represents your Wife and "yang" Earth represents your lover.
The same type (both "yang" in this case) represents your lover, while the opposite type ("yin" Earth) represents your wife.
Let's look at another example, this time, you are a female born on a "yang" Wood day.
Since your personal element is Wood, the element that destroys Wood is Metal.
Therefore, Metal represents your husband/lover.
Same as the previous example, since you are "yang" Wood, "yin" Metal represents your husband, while "yang" Wood represents your lover.
Now that you understand about how the "yin" and "yang" elements are related to your husband/wife/lover, let's proceed deeper into the world of 8 characters.
In certain cases, when the "yin" of a particular element comes together with the "yang" of another element, there is a chemical reaction between the elements.
Another element may be formed as a result of this chemical reaction.
If this new element formed is your favorable element, marriage will be favorable to you.
If this new element formed is unfavorable to you, you might find marriage a disaster to you.
Now, I will share with you a real life example to illustrate my point.
This real life example is my grandmother.
My grandmother is born on 5th May 1920.
She is an "yin" Water person, born in Earth month.
Earth destroys Water, therefore, her personal element, "yin" Water is very weak.
She needs Metal and Water to strengthen her Water.
Therefore, Metal and Water are her favorable elements.
Fire, Earth and Wood are unfavorable to her.
Next, let's look at her husband/lover element.
Since her personal element is Water, the element which destroys Water is Earth.
Therefore, Earth represents her husband/lover.
Since she is "yin" Water, "yang" Earth represents her husband, while "yin" Earth represents her lover.
I mentioned earlier on about the chemical reaction between the "yin" and "yang" elements.
In her case, "yin" Water and "yang" Earth chemically react to form Fire, which is unfavorable to her.
Since "yang" Earth represents her husband, getting married is unfavorable for her, as Fire is unfavorable to her.
Not only that, marriage causes her to lose herself, as once the elements chemically react, both elements are changed.
In her case, there is no longer Water, only Fire left.
Now, let's look at the other side of the story.
What if she chooses to cohabit instead of getting married? Since "yang" Earth represents her husband, "yin" Earth will represent her lover.
In this case, "yin" Earth and "yin" Water do not chemically react.
This means to say that as long as she does not get married, she will not lose herself and she will be more comfortable as compared to getting married.
This is from an 8 characters point of view.
Now, it's time for me to reveal the truth...
My grandmother went through a divorce with my grandfather after giving birth to 4 kids.
Before the divorce, she went through a lot of hardship in the marriage.
After she left my grandfather, she met another man.
She cohabited with this man for at least 30 years before she passed away in 1993.
Are you cut out for marriage or cohabitation? It's all in your 8 characters.

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