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Victor Hugo Biography

(1802-1885) Victor Hugo is a famous French writer: novelist, playwright, essayist and poet. Some of his most well-known works include: Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame).


Victor Hugo was born in Basancon, France on February 26, 1802. He was an third (illegitimate) son of Joseph Léopold Sigisbert Hugo and Sophie Trebuchet. His father was a general.


Victor Hugo died on May 22, 1885.

Millions of people attended his funeral, and his body is interred in Pantheon, France.


In 1822, Victor Hugo married Adèle Foucher, the daughter of an officer at the ministry of war. His wife died in 1868.


Victor Hugo was educated in Paris and Madrid. From 1815 to 1818, Hugo attended the Lycée Louis-le Grand in Paris.

Literary Career

Victor Hugo began writing poetry when he was in his teens. He became a nationally renowned poet and a famous internationally known novelist.
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