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Aragon - North eastern Spain

Aragon existed as a kingdom in yester years and was the throne of the rulers of the Mediterranean. The region is of great significance to the locals and tourists due to its bravura realm and copious out of the ordinary myths. The Aragon region is made up of three main zones, namely Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza.

It is in Huesca where you get to trace the roots of Aragon. This prehistoric town is situated on a hillock looking out over the fertile terra firma on the banks of the Isuela River. A number of antique edifices stand tall in Huesca alongside modern structures brought up soon after a building was put up to mark the  resurgence of Aragon's administration. The town is therefore even-handed when it comes to modern and ancient architectural masterpieces.

Teruel region was largely dominated by the Moorish people in the 17th century. Most of the architectural structures in this town are outstanding and contribute largely to make Teruel the melting point that it is amongst travellers. The most visited attractions are the Mudejar school of architecture, the El Salvador, San Pedro and San Martin convents as well as the picturesque cathedral bells.

The capital of Aragon is Zaragoza which features as one of the best cities in Spain. The city is situated on the banks of River Ebro. Its significance during the Moorish and Roman eras is evident in a museum situated at the heart of the city. It also boasts of architectural prowess as exhibited by a medieval cathedral also found in the town.

The Jaca region on the verge of Aragon was a renowned dwelling for the kings of the Aragonese monarchy. In present day, the region is dynamic and takes pride in a number of wonderful attractions for sightseers from all over the globe. They include the Roman cathedral and Museum which exhibit architectural prowess endowed to designers of ancient times. Others include the Church of the nuns affiliated to Saint Benedict, the Aragon town hall as well as the Romanesque Painting Museum which offers a seamless mix of art , entertainment and history.

Other places worth mentioning in the Aragon region are San Pedro El Viejo; the town takes pride in an elegant Roman cloister and the mausoleums of Aragon leaders such as Alfonso I El Batallador and King Ramiro II. To add to this list is Sabiñanigo which hosts the El Serrablo whose significance cannot be disregarded when all is narrowed down to artistic work by the Mozarabs. It is also famous for a number of archetypal mountain hamlets in the region. Aragon is one of the regions in Spain where you can unquestionably get the most out of your vacation in terms of varied tourist attractions that you can find nowhere else.

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