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How to Transfer JPG to Microfiche

    • 1). Connect the archive writer to a power source, such as a wall socket or power strip. Place the film cassette or spool into its appropriate slot within the archive writer. If the film requires you to feed it into the machine, hold the film by the edges to avoid getting fingerprints on it. You may wish to wear latex gloves while you do this.

    • 2). Connect a computer to the archive writer. Some archive writers may come with a built-in computer, in which case this step is not necessary. If you must use your own computer, the set up will vary per model of archive writer. Once the computer has been connected, install the archive writer's interface software onto the computer.

    • 3). Load your JPGs onto the archive writer's computer. This may be done via an external storage device, such as a USB drive or a writable CD. It is also possible that your archive writer's computer may be able to connect to the Internet network within your office, thus giving you access to JPGs on a different computer.

    • 4). Select the JPGs you wish to print to microfiche. Follow the onscreen instructions within the archive writer's software to begin the printing process.

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