Family & Relationships Conflict

Create The Illusion That You"re OK, Then Pull Away

Do you want to know how to really get the attention of the one you love who wants to leave?It's not by spending time trying to reason with him/ about staying with you.
It is done with grace and class.
When you hear the door closing on what you once had, you may be tempted to bolt towards the door by trying to force it to stay open.
But this will only cause your partner to subconsciously repel you.
The best way to attract what you want and eliminate the possibility of going low class is to be quite.
Sometimes silence has more power than words.
It is proven that over 85% of how we communicate is by our body language.
In your case, silence will work like a charm.
Can you believe what your partner will think if he/she begins telling you, "I love you but I'm not in love with you.
" "I'm not happy with our relationship and I think we need to go our separate ways.
" "I've found someone else.
" - and you act like you're not even phased by it? Do you know what this will do to your partner's ego knowing that you are secure enough to act as if you don't want them?And on top of this to gladly show him/her the door? Don't know if you want to call it reverse psychology, but the sure fire way to get your partner's attention is to act like you're OK and shut up.
This puts the power in your hands and takes away the unnecessary begging and whining which only cause you to appear weak.
When someone feels they've got you - they don't want you.
We usually don't appreciate what we have and want what we don't have.
This is human nature.
So even if you heart is being ripped out and you feel cut up in shreds, you must create the appearance that you are strong because this serves you more than you think.
And if you act as if you are, you will be.
Cut off all contact, go your merry way and live a greater life.
Your partner may want to eventually catch up with you.
The only other option is to do what most folks do and start crawling on your belly.
You may think that you have to talk itor work it out because you love your partner, but doing all of this will only make him/her feel glad that their done with you.

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