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4 Useful Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Game-Used Memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia is a favorite hobby of many Americans especially for football enthusiasts. Some people even spend hundred of dollars for a particular item either for their personal collection or as a form of investment for the future. Nowadays, game-used memorabilia are more popular than ordinary non-used gears that are sold in the market. For instance, signed and unused Riddell NFL helmets can be valued at approximately $250 while a Peyton Manning game-used helmet can conceivably go well for over $1000.

Game-used balls, jerseys or helmets are all in rage in the collector's world. These items can range from anything that is involved in the game and can also be auctioned on the net for a higher price. Although collecting sport collectibles are a good investment, there are still some guidelines you need to know before actually deciding to buy a game-used memorabilia which is right for your collection. Here are some tips you need to consider:

• You must first determine if the player that is associated with the collectible is a good or bad investment. Memorabilia from a football legend like Joe Montana is definitely a safe investment. It will surely yield great returns in the future and will be considered a rare collectible. On the other hand, a used knee pad from a young player from the Dallas Cowboys might be a desirable commodity for a young enthusiast but not to a smart investor.

• Game-used collectibles also increase in worth if they were used in events such as Super Bowl or an All-star game. Such items along with other collectibles from football Hall of Famers will truly increase its value as time goes by.

• Because of the popularity of game-used items in the market, sports card companies have included fragments of game-used memorabilia as part of their insert sets. Special edition trading cards will most likely increase its value if it has special game-used inserts on them.

• Fraud is a very big predicament in this industry. Therefore you have to be careful and meticulous enough to purchase items from a reputable company or dealer. Always ask for a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure that you are buying an original item. Remember that game-used collectibles should not look untouched or brand new. In this way, you can protect yourself from being scammed.

Original game-used memorabilia is a special addition to any sports collection. An authentically signed full size game-used Joe Montana helmet will definitely be the highlight of your Riddell NFL helmets collection. This collection will not only guarantee a good investment but also a wonderful sight you can show off to your family and friends. Always remember to use these tips and make wise choices so you will be able to attain the best position to make a smart investment for your future.

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