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How To Get Women Interested In Dating You - How To Frame Your Approach

When most guys approach a woman they would like to date, they unknowingly make their approach in such a way that they practically guarantee that they will never get to date her. Why? Because they frame their approach the wrong way. What most guys do is, they eagerly walk up to a woman hoping to make a good impression on her, as if she has ALL of the power in the interaction. By framing their approach in this way, they are making things more difficult as well as presenting themselves as a guy who's not really all that desirable.

If you want to get women interested in you, then you are going to have to learn how to frame your approach so that she automatically sees you as a guy she would date. This might sound like a difficult thing to do, but with enough practice and experience, it can actually be quite easy.

Here's some advice on how to approach a woman so that you can get her interested in dating you:

1) Walk up to her with confidence, like a guy who wants to start a conversation, not like a guy who is eager to please.

There's a big difference in the way that some guys present themselves when they walk up to a woman. Some make it dead obvious that all the decision making power is in her hands, almost like they are "auditioning" and she is the judge. This is not the way that you need to frame the situation to make her want to date you. Instead, walk up with confidence, and just get a conversation started.

2) Posture yourself so that you don't look like a nervous wreck in front of her.

It's amazing how just a few small shifts in your body language can totally change the way that someone sees you. If your posture is straight, while still being relaxed, and you have your hands positioned the way that they would when you talk to anyone you know well... you will make a much different impression on a woman. Most men when they approach women have the body language of a guy who is obviously very nervous and that makes them seem a lot less desirable.

3) Control where the conversation goes.

If you are talking to a woman, and you give her all of the power in the direction that the conversation goes, you are taking away your natural role as an alpha male. In that sense, you are telling her that you are not a leader, and that she has to take the reigns which is not attractive to most women. It's up to you to control where the conversation goes.

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