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How to Sew & Make Yo Yos

    • 1). Choose a circular object that is twice the size you want your completed yo-yo. You can use a plastic or paper template, a glass, bottle, jar or any circular item you have on hand.

    • 2). Ready your fabric. Any type of fabric is suitable for making yo-yos. Just make sure the piece you have is large enough to fit your template, plus half an inch.

    • 3). Trace the object on the wrong side of a piece of fabric, adding half an inch for the seam allowance. Chalk or pencil is best to use when tracing, since they will not bleed through the fabric, but a pen may be used.

    • 4). Cut out the circle using sharp scissors. You might want to cut through a few layers of fabric if you are making several yo-yos the same size.

    • 5). Fold a quarter-inch edge under around the entire circle.

    • 6). Thread a sewing needle and sew along the edge of the circle, using a running stitch. Stitches should be approximately equal in length and are formed by passing the needle in and out of the fabric. Underside stitches should be smaller than half the size of the outer-side stitches.

    • 7). Cut the thread, leaving a tail of a few inches in length.

    • 8). Pull lightly on the two ends of the thread, gathering the edges of the fabric into the center of the yo-yo.

    • 9). Place a few stitches to hold the gathers in place.

    • 10

      Knot the thread and cut off the excess.

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