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Tips to Help the Earth to Recover From Years of Abuse

Anyone who has lost someone through sickness or an accident will know how confusing the time that follows is.
People may have not talked about how they wanted their funeral to be performed, or expressed their wishes about where they should be laid to rest.
However, with a green burial, everyone will be comfortable with the decision.
Being laid to rest in a green cemetery means that we will go back to the earth and help nature at the same time.
It is the coming thing that people are trying not to add to the burden that the earth has to put up with.
Even a simple funeral will produce a lot of waste that is just put into the ground.
Metal coffins, meant to preserve the body, will in fact eventually poison the earth because they cannot break down.
Even hardwood coffins do not break down so easily and eventually, we will have nowhere to bury our loved ones.
There are those who advocate having a piece of land put aside to lay people to rest, but not in the usual coffins or containers.
What they believe is that we are all supposed to give back our bodies, when we no longer need them, to help replenish the earth and give back the goodness that we hold in our bodies.
This may sound a little hippie like but taking into consideration the way that we dispose of the dead, it could be the only way to go in future years.
Even cremations send out clouds of toxic smoke into an already over burdened atmosphere.
When a body is put in the ground, it has usually been embalmed and this means that the body is full of formaldehyde.
This chemical is not good for the earth, and will also give off toxic fumes if the body is cremated.
There is just one cemetery in the United States that follows all the rules when it comes to having a chemical free and safe funeral.
In a protected forest of over thirteen hundred acres, a site has been put aside for those who want to give themselves back to the earth.
Graves are large, about twenty by twenty feet, and lined with thyme.
When the body is put in it can either be in a coffin that deteriorates quickly or even just wrapped in a shroud that will also break down quickly.
This means that as soon as the body starts to deteriorate, it will feed the earth which in turn feeds the trees and the earth.
Many people may be a little wary of suggesting this type of funeral to anyone who is close to death.
However, those who feel that they want to give themselves to the earth in this way should let their feelings be known well in advance.
This makes a trying time so much easier for all concerned and the person will have made their final and most important decision for themselves.
Surely, this must be a good idea in an overpopulated world.

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