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How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Los Angeles

    • 1). Confirm eligibility to obtain a copy of the birth certificate. The person identified on the birth certificate can freely request a copy of the birth certificate. If you are not the person identified on the birth certificate, then you must be the individual's parent, legal guardian, spouse or domestic partner, child, grandparent or sibling. In all other circumstances, you must be an attorney or a licensed adoption agency with a court order or a member of law enforcement conducting official business.

    • 2). Log onto the Los Angeles County registrar's website (see the first Resource). Download, print and complete the "Application for Birth Record" and "Certificate of Identity." Check the appropriate box next to a request for an authorized or informational copy of the birth certificate. Mail the application with a notarized certificate of identity, a pre-addressed stamped envelope and a $19 check or money order, as of December 2010 (see the first Resource for the mailing address). When applying in person, the birth record application must be signed in the presence of the cashier.

    • 3). File an in-person request at a local branch location (see the second Resource). Contact the agency before visiting to confirm days and times of operation. Bring a valid photo ID and cash, check or money order for $19, as of December 2010. All birth certificates from 1964 to the present are available on the same day. Births occurring before 1964 will be mailed within 20 working days.

    • 4). Request a copy online by using your credit card. Follow the on-screen directions from the VitalChek third-party website, located on the Registrar's website, to request the certificate (see the first Resource under "Credit Card Request" section). All birth certificates will be mailed via regular postal mail, unless you opt for another mode of delivery. If you do not submit the required Certificate of Identity within five business days, your order will be canceled and require resubmission. All emergency orders can be processed within 10 working days of receipt of the Certificate of Identity.

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