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Internet Marketing 101:Strategy From a Young Web Marketing Guru Review

Do you own a website? Are you about to step into the world of Internet marketing? Do you know what are the ways to attract massive number of visitors to your website?

In this book, author Neil Mirchandani discusses all of these topics and more in Internet Marketing 101:Strategies From a Young Web Marketing Guru, the guide to strategically developing and marketing a website. Mirchandani walks through nine essential marketing techniques, personally used by him. In the book he teaches you to:

1) Build a successful e business website.

2) Optimize your website to receive tons of visitors from the search engines.

3) Monetize your website with the latest strategies: Adwords, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, etc.


The things I like about this book is that all the strategies is spelled out in an easy to understand manner and in simple to understand language. It also discusses ways to avoid the common errors and pitfalls that many web marketers make (This is invaluable!). It can serve as a great basic textbook if you're looking for ways to monetize your website because it covers a broad range of subjects.
Neil approaches the subject of Internet marketing from an economist point of view, as he comes from a background of business, which is also invaluable.


The strategies presented in this book is said to be suitable for both small business owner ready to take their business online, or those about to start an exclusive Internet company. However, there are many ways to make money on the Internet without you having a website, which is not covered in the book. Also, the book is not available in e book format. This is only my personal preference as I feel it is so much more convenient to buy an e book on the Internet (instant download) instead of a physical book. Also, it would really test the Internet marketer whether he does walk the talk by selling his book successfully online. He is branding himself as an Internet marketing expert, right?


It would be a great guide if you already have a business or a website to market. Some of the strategies presented in the book only require minor tweaks on your website and you'll be seeing improvements immediately. I definitely recommend it, as I've mentioned, for those with existing business or website.

The truth is, there are tons of other ways to make money on the Internet, even if you do not own a website or do not want to be involved with the process of building a complicated website and maintaining it. One such book is Holly Mann's Honest Riches e book. Holly is a young (24 years old) Internet marketer who is now making $10,000 - $20,000/month from various means of Internet marketing. In her book, she teaches you step by step exactly what she did when she started. To me, it's the best guide for someone who has no idea where and how to start internet marketing.

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