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Article Marketing Questions - What Are the Top 3 Things to Do First When Getting Started?

Q: If we're just getting started, what's the top three things we should do first? A: That's really an awesome question, thanks for this one.
I'll break it down into three things for you and see if I can keep it to three.
Thing 1: First thing, go to EzineArticles and get your free account over there.
That's where you want to start.
That's where you traffic is going to come from initially.
They get over 15 million unique visitors a month over there, and you want to start by getting your information in front of all that traffic.
Rememer, you don't want to chase traffic.
You want to find out where it is already going and get in front of it.
Thing 2: Pick a topic within your niche and as quickly as you can craft 10 articles around that topic.
That's thing two.
A word of caution though.
I get nervous when I tell my students to craft 10 articles as quickly as they can, because some people will hear ten articles and stop there.
Don't do that! After 10 shoot for 25, then 50, then 100, and so on.
Thing 3: Create an opt-in page to send them to from your article resource box.
You want to be able to conduct a trade with your new prospect.
You will gladly give them more great information from you in exchange for their email address.
This is a good trade.
Some people get scared about asking for the email address.
"Can't I just give them the information, what if they do not what to sign up?" Here is a rule I have found to be very true on the internet - if someone is not willing to give you their email address in exchange for more great information for free, they are never going to give you their credit card number to invest money with you for your products and services.

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