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Flea and Tick Control Treatment - A Proven Protection Plan Using Frontline Plus

You wake up one morning and the sun is shining and you're sitting down for that first cup of coffee of the day.
You take a sip while you flip open the morning paper but suddenly realize that your pet has not found it necessary to say good morning to you yet.
You get up from the table and go to look for them and you find them at their blankets scratching themselves uncontrollably.
It's happened.
You have uninvited guests in the house in the form of fleas or ticks on your pet.
The silent little buggers have decided to move in and invite themselves to a meal.
Unfortunately they are feasting on your pet.
At this point in time the natural reaction is to go nuts and wonder how the heck it happened.
In reality it's now time to figure out what to do.
Besides these pests making your pets uncomfortable, you don't want them harming them to a point of skin or even worse a life threatening disease.
With the advent of many different products available to "so they say" rid your pets of these pests which one really works.
I have tried many different products but the one I favor more than any other is Frontline Plus®.
This product will very quickly address a problem and help prevent any potential future ones.
It happens to have the good housekeeping seal of approval and is rated as the #1 choice of veterinarians because it works on effectively fighting both Fleas and Ticks.
After extensive testing the product manufacturer, Merial, has shown the following results: oIt killed 100% of the Fleas within 12 hours oIt continued to do so for up to one month after initial application oIt can be used on pups and kittens over 8 weeks old, and on cats and dogs even if they are breeding, pregnant or lactating oAnother really big plus for a lot of pet owners is the fact that it is waterproof.
The application doesn't lose its effectiveness after you groom or bathe the animal.
And it stills works after swimming.
oBreaks the Flea and Tick cycle you read about so often.
This is probably the most important result of all.
Otherwise a lot of hard work can be wasted on a month to month basis if you don't stop the pests from re-infesting your pet.
For me, when the kids were growing up the child-proof packaging was good to have on the product.
Having it applied in one quick application is also a great help.
You open up the product, a neat little plastic applicator, by snapping back the top.
Once you are ready you separate the pet's hair and apply it directly to their skin.
The product works by remaining in the oil glands under the surface of the skin.
By doing so it stays available to be administered continuously to the whole surface of the skin and then out to the strands of hair.
This is what keeps the prevention cycle going and does a great job.
The other added benefit I feel is the fact it goes after Fleas and Ticks and provides a total program of Flea and Tick Control in one product.
Other manufacturers products I'm sure work well but only on the specific problem for which they are purchased.
Products like Advantage or Advantix work well, but are for either Fleas or Ticks, not both.
Frontline Plus is the most effective product I have found and it also kills the flea larvae and eggs.
My pets, both dogs and cats have never had any reactions and thankfully never any ticks or fleas.
I feel that having a good program of prevention using this product and checking them frequently during the high incidences of flea and tick weather keeps them protected.
Responsible pet care is the cornerstone of a long and healthy life for you pet.
Take this responsibility seriously and you'll be glad you did and you're pet will love you for it.
Thanks for reading.

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