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What is Eating According to Blood Type? Foods That Work Best According to Your Blood Type

The food selection should be done according to blood type.
Each group has different constituents that are needed to digest the food.
So two persons having different blood type should opt for different food items for better metabolism.
Food incompatible with blood group is not digested and the vitamins and minerals are not released properly.
Also wrong blood type food intake can lead to failure of immune system causing various fatal diseases.
Peter D'Adamo is the proposer of the "eating according to blood type" theory.
According to him just the calories counting is not important.
The meals should be selected keeping your group in mind.
-Meat is not suitable for A and AB groups.
If people having these groups eat meat chances are that they may die younger.
But B and O group people can digest meat easily.
-Saturated fat is harmful for all groups.
Fat that comes mainly from animals are more harmful.
It increases the chances of stroke and heart attack.
It is advisable to depend on protein that comes with low saturated fat.
-Physical exercise, coupled with proper diet according to group type, can make your immune system strong.
A strong immune system implies the chances of early death or diseases are very less.
Most physicians do not agree with Mr.
It is claimed that there is no correlation between food we consume and blood type.
But one should pitch for middle ground.
There is no harm in trying different ideas.
You can try the diet list suggested by him.
And you do follow it only if you feel comfortable.

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