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The Best Ab Workout

The Best Ab Workout
When you are trying to get stiffer and stronger flat abdominal muscles you need to work on your abs a lot. The benefits of working out your abdominals are as follows. Firstly you will look good and secondly you will also build up your core effectiveness and build power to withstand impact and a variety of other things.
The best abdominal muscle routine will involve you working out for at least three times in week and will also involve the use of at least three types of exercises. Five times a week would be a good frequency for working out your abs if you have the time to do so but three would suffice. When deciding the kind of abdominal exercise you are going to employ you should seriously consider your own abilities. Be realistic with yourself and do not be embarrassed to start with easier exercises because eventually you will begin to get stronger and then move on to the much harder staff.
Realize that you do not have to do the entire abdominal exercises ever invented just pick a couple that you are comfortable with. As you begin to advance in your workout you can increase the number of sessions and the repetitions. Also increase the amount of time for which you do these workouts as well.
Some good ones are as follows.
* Plank(hover)
* Reverse crunch
* Long arm crunch
* Bicycle crunch
* Ab crunch on an exercise ball
* Alternating Supermans
* Oblique crunch
Side Bends: with your feet aside following set at shoulder width stand with your knees bent a bit while holding a dumbbell. Position your free hand at the back of your head. Bend over to the right side slowly and then let the dumbbell reach your knee. Repeat the whole motion and then switch to the other side and do it all over again.
Medicine Ball Sit Ups: whilst you are lying on the floor with both knees bent and your feet firmly flat clutch a five pound medicinal ball on your chest. Your gym partner should be at your feet. Flatten your back as you push towards the floor. Maintain this position for a while. Draw in and throw the ball to your partner. Maintain the crunch until after the ball is thrown back at you. When you catch the ball again slowly descend to the original position. Repeat this movement over and over until you are content with what you have done.
Good pointers: make sure shoulders are at least six inches off the ground.
If you can do all the above consistently and efficiently then you should be able to get the washboard abs that you are looking for.

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