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Why Is Medical Transcription Outsourcing a Preferred Choice of Medical Facilities?

Many factors make transcription outsourcing a preferred choice of medical facilities. Medical transcription services can help healthcare facilities and professionals save resources and ensure efficient transcription of the medical files, since transcription is quite an extensive task that demands significant resources, particularly when there is so much information to handle.

Medical Transcription Is Successful and Popular

The medical transcription business is booming largely due to the growing need for quality healthcare. transcription outsourcing can significantly help doctors and surgeons improve the service they provide to their patients. A transcription company is an organization that employs trained and experienced professionals and state-of-the-art solutions and tools to accurately transcribe medical files belonging to any field of medicine, treatment, prognosis or diagnosis. Audio files, which are basically information dictated by the physician, in any format can be transcribed to most text formats.

Accuracy of Transcribed Files Ensured

The training provided to transcriptionists is such that they can accurately transcribe highly specialized pieces of information as well. Moreover, every piece of transcribed work goes through multiple levels of quality checks by proofreaders and editors. To ensure accuracy of the transcribed files, medical transcription companies ensure the dictated audio files they receive are of digital quality.

Transcription companies generally offer the digital recorder and telephonic dictation options. The former ensures files are in digital quality. But clients are offered the choice of selecting the dictation option. In case files are not in digital quality, they are converted to digital format before transcription.

Numerous Advantages of Outsourced Medical Transcription

Some of the advantages of transcription services provided by an experienced company include:

€ Services that are compliant with HIPAA guidelines
€ State-of-the-art technology
€ Three levels of quality checks
€ 99% accuracy of transcribed files with good audio
€ 24-hour availability of service and customer care
€ Efficient document flow management software for proper data tracking
€ File transfer utilizing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and encryption-secured browser based methods
€ Affordable pricing ensuring up to 40% savings
€ Customized turnaround times to suit client needs

Services Customized to Client Requirements

Medical transcription services are also advantageous due to the fact that they are customized to client requirements which could vary between healthcare centers. The customization capability also ensures cost-effectiveness of the service.

Costs for the transcription service vary based on factors such as complexity of the files, turnaround time, and audio quality of the dictation. Experienced transcription companies can offer ideal turnaround times. Generally these times vary from 24 to 48 hours, but in certain cases they can offer transcribed files at an even faster pace for an extra price.

On account of all these features, and the fact that outsourcing ensures lesser burden for doctors and surgeons, transcription outsourcing is a preferred choice of medical facilities.

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