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Bamboo Flooring - What is it Made of?

Bamboo Flooring is an environmentally friendly flooring option that is beautiful and dependable.
Bamboo is a tall, tree-like grass that grows all over the world.
It is a renewable resource for it reaches maturity in a span of only three years, while other hard woods take decades to mature.
The following are the steps done in the construction of the flooring...
The first and most important step to do is to make sure that you have harvested good quality bamboos.
This should not be much of a problem since bamboo grows in all places.
However, if the bamboo will be specifically used for bamboo flooring, it is best to obtain this kind of bamboo from China.
After harvesting bamboo, which usually takes three to six years, the bamboo's outer layer of green skin is removed and the logs or technically stalks are sliced into long strips or "fillets".
The strips are then cut into a width depending on the kind of flooring you with to have.
Then, the darkening process follows.
The bamboo strips will be steamed under pressure to bring out a more vigorous and dark color.
Take note that this process softens the bamboos, making it more susceptible to scratching and damage.
For this reason, it is recommended not to choose darker bamboos for your bamboo flooring.
Moisture content is a very important component of a wood used for flooring.
Bamboo that has too much moisture may shrink and show gapes in the flooring.
In order to lock in a certain degree of moisture, the strips should be dried using a kiln.
Next, the strips are glued together to form wider strips, or planks.
The planks are then hot pressed for a lasting bind.
For a final touch, the planks are milled to form finishing hardwood flooring pieces which will then be assembled together to form the flooring.
Excess bamboo from the milling is used to create a different type of flooring called "strand-woven flooring" or "distressed flooring.
" This type of bamboo flooring is made by laminating the excess bamboo with some type of adhesive.
The material is then pressed under great pressure and afterward milled which gives you a new and innovative wood floor plank for your desired bamboo flooring.
Bamboo flooring is now becoming the number one choice of homes and businesses.
In view of the fact that the quality of the flooring vary from one retailer to another, it is suggested that one should observe practicality in investing.
With a secured satisfying quality product from your dealer, you can enjoy a guaranteed ease, beauty, and satisfaction from your new bamboo floor.
Keep in mind the quality and durability it has.
It is growing more and more popular in the Market and therefore more and more competitors will also try to bring it down.
Bamboo flooring gives the whole room a feel of elegance and class.
Let us patronize this environmental friendly canopy and make the world a beautiful place to live in.

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