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Important Bodybuilding Rules That You Must Know! Do Not Miss it at Any Possible Cost

If you want to achieve your goal of building a massive body filled with muscles and unbelievable strength then there are some crucial rules that will have to be followed, not only to remain safe but also to reach your goal rapidly.
Do not exercise without a plan.
Hitting the gym is a good start but hitting it hard from the start and exercising feverishly for 3 to 4 hours on all days of the week is not healthy.
You will either injure your body or only end up totally burnt out with tiny muscles attached to your frame.
Your muscles bulk up not when you exercise but when you rest.
So, visit your gym for an hour or so in a day and that too only on 4 to 5 days of the week.
Stop muscle-burning routines.
This is another rule that can help you to bulk up rapidly.
If you are already swimming or doing aerobics then either reduce these routines or stop them as they can melt away vital bulk that you so require for showing your chiseled shape.
Stick to weight training routines that involve barbells, dumbbells and select exercise machines as they can help you develop some serious muscle.
Eat foods that help build up muscle, not fat.
This is another rule that is flouted by many at their own expense.
By cutting down on fatty foods, fizzy drinks and fried foods, you will be cutting down on unnecessary fat entering into your body.
Replace these foods with green and leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, chicken, lean red meats, soy, and moderate amounts of cheese and milk products.
These foods get directly converted into energy and hence help you to build muscle without huffing away.
Use the increased resistance method of working out.
Your muscles might get comfortable with a particular routine in a couple of days or weeks and you might be tempted to merely increase your reps and sets.
The rule, however, is to increase the weights progressively and then think about increasing reps or sets.
This will shock your static muscles back into action and they will bulge outwards instead of simply remaining at a stagnant size.
If you want to bulk up on a regular basis then increased resistance is a must.

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