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How to Earn a Travel Agent's License

    How to Earn a Travel Agent's License

    • 1). Gain some experience in the travel industry. This will help you become more informed about tourism and will help you build your knowledge as you get your license. You will have professional experience to draw from before you start taking travel classes.

    • 2). Pick an organization where you will get your certification. Many travel organizations offer their own version of travel agent certification. A well-known organization is the International Airline Transport Association (IATA), which gives a professional designation to a travel agent.

    • 3). Enroll in a travel agent license training class. Online schools and travel companies may provide license training classes that you can take to obtain your license. These are usually a series of formal classes offered by a third-party provider or your travel agency.

    • 4). Get training. Practical training may be separately offered from travel classes, so make sure that you also get hands-on training. This training includes learning software applications for reservations, as well as customer-relationship management programs that you will use as you build your client base.

    • 5). Register with your state after you have obtained your travel agent membership license from a travel organization. This completes the travel agent licensing process, since some states require that you or your agency are registered first before selling travel.

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