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How to Build a Screened Window Panel for a Deck

    • 1). Measure the part of the deck that is going to be screened in. Draw a diagram of the area and document the measurements for reference.

    • 2). Set up the frames for the areas for the window panels that will be places between the main posts that were used to build the deck; they will be located from the base of the deck to the existing roof area. These posts are usually 4-x-4 inches, but can be smaller.

    • 3). Use 2-x-4 wood pieces to make the in between framing window pieces between the main posts. There will be two of these pieces between each main post. The main posts will be about 5 or 6 feet apart for an average deck of 15-x-15 feet. The framing will involve only three walls since one wall will be against the home.

    • 4). Screw them into place by going through the top rail of the original railing piece into the end of the 2-x-4. Connect the 2-x-4 to the roof top rail.

    • 5). Remeasure the area now in between the main post and the 2-x-4.

    • 6). Cut 1-x-1 inch or ½-x-½ inch square pieces to make the frame. These should be a rectangle frame made to hold the screen. The area should be approximately 1 1/2-to-2 feet wide for the top and base and about 4-feet tall.

    • 7). Cut the edges of the square pieces for the frame at a 90 degree angle to make the corner joints. Place a small amount of wood glue on the L-shaped edges and put the frame pieces together. Clamp them together and allow to dry.

    • 8). There should be two sets of frames for each window panel, for a total of six sets of frames to be put in between each main post. This totals 54 frame pieces.

    • 9). Use a regular screen piece from a roll and place it over one of the new frames and use a staple gun to keep in place starting at top edge.

    • 10

      Stretch the screen as you move down the frame, stapling it into place until you have done the entire rectangle. Repeat for each set for the window frames.

    • 11

      Place wood glue down the inside edges of the frame piece that has the screen now attached to it. Lay the open frame with no screen on top and clamp into place and allow to dry.

    • 12

      Cut any excess screen around the outer frame edges.

    • 13

      Attach each panel to the main posts by nailing them through the main post to the edges of the frame. Repeat for each section.

    • 14

      Stain or paint the wood pieces. (This can also be done earlier before gluing in the screen if desired.)

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