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Free Giveaway Events - How to Build Your List and Increase Your Income Hosting Free Giveaways

Creating free giveaway events can be a huge boost to your business.
These involve setting up a simple site, typically a Wordpress blog, and offering a gift or a series of gifts to the people who sign up.
This serves to build up your email list of prospects, to educate those prospects as to what you do in your business, and to increase your likability and trust factor with the people you wish to do business with.
A great example of this is the giveaway event held by the John Deere Company in the fall of 2010.
John Deere is the world's leading manufacturer of farm equipment, and they were looking for a way to change their image and to connect with even more people.
For this giveaway campaign they decided to give away one of their tractors that had been customized by a well known automobile designer.
This event lasted for four months, and got the attention of people from around the world.
Media attention was an important part of what they achieved, and people now understood more of what this company was about and what they stood for.
They had successfully done a giveaway to build their platform in a unique way.
In the process they popularized their brand like never before, and created videos and other content that will serve them for years to come.
They also built a list of prospects that will increase their income now and in the future.
Even if you are a solopreneur working online from your home computer, this strategy will work for you.
Think about what you can give away, and connect with others if you need some ideas.
It's a way to build your list, reach new prospects, and perfect the skills you are already learning in order to run your business.
Jeanette Cates hosted her own free giveaway event recently, based on one she had been a part of for years.
Here was a huge success, and now she is teaching other online marketers how to do the same thing.
The strategies used in this marketing method can be used for the rest of your life.
You are choosing the right content to share with your prospects, and learning how to differentiate what you give away for free from what you will be selling online.
All in all, a free giveaway event may be exactly what you need to build your online business.

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