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The More You Eat, The Fitter You Become

As for losing weight, I believe everyone has his or her own special methods.
For instance, some people will lose weight without having rice or meat, some will become thinner with having breakfast and lunch instead of supper, but still some cannot lose little weight with having nothing.
Actually, all of them are some common mistakes of those people.
Maybe you will become a little fitter than before if you eat less or do not have a sort of food like meat or rice.
However, the process of this kind of methods will make you crazy.
Once you cannot bear the restriction and you begin to eat the food again, you will undoubtedly put on some weight immediately, what's worse, you may become stronger than before just like a balloon.
Only the method for weight loss is healthy and continuous, it can be called an effective and feasible method.
Now, let's look at the following feasible methods to lose weight.
Have A Nourishing Breakfast, a Hearty Lunch and a Light Supper Some American physiologists mentioned in their reports that metabolic rate of human in the morning is quicker than that in the afternoon and in the evening.
That is to say, it is easy to put on weight if people eat more in the evening.
People should understand that breakfast is the energy source of one's whole day, so it is necessary for everybody to have a nourishing breakfast.
Eat Roughage Instead of Junk Food It is better for people to eat roughage such as brown rice and wholewheat food rather than junk food like chips or fried chicken.
Roughage contains more nutrients than junk food, in addition, it also helps to prevent people from constipation, colon cancer and angiocardiopathy.
Eat Food of Light Flavor Although lettuce salad is one of the best food for weight loss, it will be useless if people place much mayonnaise on the lettuce, since the mayonnaise is of high heat.
Eat Troublesome Food This item may seem strange.
I will give you an example to prove this one.
Eating food with bones will definitely slow down people's speed, meet people's chewing desires and make people feel full in advance.
Eat the Food After Chewing Them for 10 to 20 Times This kind of method will also have a satiating effect and reduce stomachs' burden.
Have Some Soup or a Glass of Water Before Meals and Begin to Eat with Your Favorite Dish It is easy to imagine that you will eat more if you eat other food at first and save your favourite dish for last.
Besides, soup or water will diluent gastric juice and cause indigestion and resistance of gastric bowel path to drop, so it is better for you to have some soup or a glass of water before the meal.

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