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How to Increase WordPress Speed

WordPress is a very popular content management system these days, though it is mainly used by bloggers.
Even though the developers did a great job in improving WordPress' speed, there is still a lot you can do to make your blog even faster.
WordPress speed is often decreased by the use of plug-ins.
Please do not get me wrong, I think plug-ins are great but they do add a lot of load onto servers.
In this article I will therefore cover how you can optimize your WordPress blog even further.
One idea is of course to reduce the number of WordPress plug-ins and thus also increasing WordPress' speed.
Generally people love plug-ins and therefore have a lot of them in use.
To get rid of some of the plug-ins you are using, just ask yourself whether they really add value to your blog.
For example does a Top Commentator plug-in add value to your web site? I do not think so since it only shows visitor who commented most often and more often than not, the user that posted the highest number of comments is the web site owner himself.
Because of this it might be smart to remove the plug-in.
Another idea is to improve your blog theme in general.
I had this one problem on one of my blogs.
For no obvious reason a plug-in had added its stylesheet to my homepage's header.
The only problem was that I was not using the plug-in on my homepage, only on my Contact page.
What I did was to wrap that stylesheet code in an if-statement and called a function named is_page().
The code looked like this: if(is_page()) { //stylesheet code } This forced the stylesheet code only to appear on WordPress pages.
There are of course further steps you can take to optimize WordPress.

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