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How to Treat a Steam Burn & Get it to Stop Hurting

    Stop the Burn

    • 1). Run cold water over the burn for five to thirty minutes to prevent further damage. The burn will continue to move deeper into the skin unless stopped. Do not use ice, as this will damage the skin. Do not blow on the burn, as this might introduce bacteria from your mouth to the wound.

    • 2). Apply Aloe Vera to the burn. The best source is a live Aloe Vera plant. Cut a stalk from the plant with scissors. Slit it in half with a knife. Apply the gel inside directly to the burn. If a plant is not available, sunburn remedies that are made of 100 percent Aloe Vera (not simply as an ingredient) work well. Kept in the refrigerator; this can be both cool and healing to the burn.

    • 3). Cover the burn with sterile gauze, leaving the blister intact. The blister is actually healing the skin underneath. It will eventually burst on its own when it is no longer necessary for the healing process.

    Pain Management

    • 1). Take an over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen every four to six hours as directed. Place ice wrapped in a towel over the gauze pad, but never directly to the skin. The cool from the ice will counteract the burning sensation that is likely to persist for a few days.

    • 2). Clean the wound carefully twice a day with an antibacterial soap and re-apply the Aloe Vera for the pain. Always re-cover the burn with fresh sterile gauze.

    • 3). Rehydrate your body, as fluids are lost during the burning and recovery process.

    Preventing Infection

    • 1). Rub an antibacterial ointment on the burn when the blister bursts. Remove the skin by gently washing it with an antibacterial soap and gently pulling it away with sterile tweezers. Apply the antibacterial ointment either directly to the wound or onto the sterile gauze pad.

    • 2). Continue to wash and bandage the wound for a week or two. When the wound is no longer raw, vitamin E applied to the skin will help the healing process. Poke a hole into the vitamin E capsule and apply the contents directly to the skin.

    • 3). Prevent sunburn on the new skin by applying sunscreen every day for six months. New skin is extremely delicate and will burn (again) faster than normal.

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