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Be a Better Lover This Valentine"s Day - Quit Smoking

Surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day by resolving to stop smoking.
Set this day as your new quit date.
If you haven't kept your New Year's resolution and many other resolutions before that, make a fresh resolution on this romantic holiday and give the best gift to your loved one.
Your decision can make your loved one happier than any expensive diamond rings ever can.
By quitting smoking, you not only make others happy but also improve your health considerably.
Your risk of heart and lung diseases decreases, you don't smell of smoke and you have more energy and cash to expend on better things.
Dangers of smoking Smoking is a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases.
It also increases the risk of death from coronary heart diseases by up to 30%.
Smoking increases blood pressure, decreases exercise tolerance and increases the tendency for blood to clot, all surmounting to heart attacks and strokes.
Impotence, low semen volume, reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm shape and impaired sperm motility are sexual problems caused by smoking.
Besides, smoking is a leading cause of cancers, respiratory disorders, gangrene and 1200 deaths everyday in the US.
Smoking also is a major cause of expenses as cigarettes are highly expensive.
Many non-smokers find smokers disagreeable as partners because of:
  • Stale smell of cigarettes on body, clothes and hair
  • Bad breath
  • Yellow teeth and nails
  • Risk of impotence
  • Lower life expectancy
Quit smoking with smoking cessation drugs There are several smoking cessation treatments including nicotine replacement therapies, counseling, hypnotherapy and Chantix quit smoking pills.
Out of all these treatments, Chantix is the only FDA approved, clinically proven treatment proven to be safe and effective for smoking cessation.
Moreover, the active ingredient in Chantix is varenicline and it doesn't contain nicotine as in nicotine replacement therapies.
Be a better lover this Valentine's Day If you quit smoking this Valentine's Day, you can not only improve your chances to impress your existing partner but also impress other prospective partners if you're single.
Quitting smoking helps you to save a lot of money which you can spend on romantic getaways, gifts and on other better things with your partner.
Also, you can get rid of the stale smell of cigarette, yellow nails and teeth and bad breath.
Smoking cessation also cut down the risks of impotence in men.
This is quite important if you want to enjoy your Valentine's Day to the fullest.
All these benefits help you to be a better lover this Valentine's Day.
Consult a doctor now and find out about Chantix varenicline.
Set your quit date on Valentine's Day and give the most unique, the best possible gift to your lover.

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