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Concrete garage floors – How to maintain?

Last Sunday I painted my concrete garage floor. I was very conscious about my garage floor, so I thought of a concrete garage floor repair. The main things that one must know before considering the floor paint are -
• The right paint can change the dull and the boring floor of yours into a shiny and bright one. But you must choose the color very sensibly; otherwise it can lead you to the disaster even.
• Testing procedure should be done, to check the moisture contains of the concrete garage floor. White powders, crystals are often are the sign of the moisture. One easy method that I found for this covering a part of the floor with the plastic, covering it with the rubber mat and taping it. After it is left for about 24 hours, if condensation is found between the plastic and the mat, be sure that your floor is not dry.
• Another thing that should be maintained is whether your garage ever went through the phase to concrete garage floor sealer. You can check this out simply if you pour water over the surface. If you ever had concrete garage floor sealer, it will not soak through. Otherwise it was never treated.
• If you are thinking of concrete garage floor repair, by using the coatings, the first thing that you must remember to clean up the floor and dry it up before you think of painting. For the purpose of painting, there are different methods that you can apply. Concrete cleaners are the best I think for the cleaning. Etching is the procedure that is applied.
• Basecoat must be applied before the painting. Sometimes more than one coat is also applied. Sometime, floor sealing is a need for the look and the hard workings too.
Sealing of the garage floor is also very important at times, for the use of the sealing, some points are to be considered.
• Large fan that is used to dry up the floor surface.
• Roller having long hands.
• Eye protection is also a must for the process.
• Cleaner
• Gloves - a must.
There are some of the sealers that contain very risky chemicals that cause the lung and skin infection. So I think musk and the gloves are must and wearing this can really help.
Minimum 10 days must be kept in order to dry the floor up. Before driving or walking up the floor, make it sure that it is completely a dried place.
There are many I found avoid the application of the floor sealer. This is because it hampers the look and the style. The sealers generally are found protecting the concrete from the deterioration. These are mainly caused due to the road salt, engine oils and different other types of the automatic fluids.
There are many types of the floor coatings that can be installed to give a proper and an appropriate finishing to the floor.
Etching is the first step for the construction of the concrete garage floors. This is done with the help of the gel acid. The next step that is to be kept in mind is how you can fix the holes and the cracks of your floor. Though you must choose a heavy coating, but the moisture issues should also be kept in mind.

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