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What Do You Do When You Spill Liquid on a Leather Couch?

    Blot the Liquid

    • Find the most absorbent material you can immediately after the spill, and blot the excess liquid up. Reliable options include a clean cotton cloth, dish towel or paper towels. In a pinch, a clean cotton T-shirt also works well. Don't rub the spot; instead, press the cloth gently onto the liquid to absorb it. Repeat with dry areas of the cloth until the liquid is gone from the surface.

    Clean With Water

    • If water spilled on the leather couch, do not clean the area. But if the liquid was a sticky or staining substance -- such as certain juices or wine -- use a wet cloth to wipe away the stain. Dampen a clean cotton cloth or towel, and very gently wash the area. Avoid harsh rubbing, which can set the stain, and spreading the stain through overly large strokes. Also avoid dousing the stain with large quantities of water, which may only exacerbate the issue. Allow the couch to air-dry away from the sunlight to prevent the stain from setting or fading the couch.

    Mild Cleansers

    • If, after blotting and air-drying, your leather couch still sports a stain, use a mild soap to clean the area. Use the mildest undyed body or laundry soap possible, and mix it with equal parts of distilled water. Dip a clean cotton cloth into the solution, and gently rub the stain with the cloth, replacing the soap as necessary. Dampen a clean cloth in distilled water, and wipe off the excess soap. Allow the couch to dry without exposing it to direct sunlight.

    Call a Professional

    • With leather, too much action on your part can actually harm your couch in the long run. If you've blotted, mildly cleansed and air-dried the liquid stain and your couch still shows evidence of the spill, it's time to call in a professional. Professional leather couch cleaners can come to your home to assess and, hopefully, fix the damage to your couch.

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