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How to Make the Best Use of Your Helmets?

Though helmets are designed to take on the full impact of the crash and are made with the best materials to ensure a long life, helmets need to be replaced in the following events.
If your motorcycle helmet has suffered an impact then it is better to replace the helmet as it could have fractured the outer shell or caused the compression of the impact absorbing liner.
Though these changes might not be visible to the naked eye in many cases, the damage could compromise the utility of the helmets considerably.
Did you know that a drop from as low as 4 feet can damage your helmet.
The shell, the impact absorbing lining, and the retention system form the crux of the protective gear of helmets and any damage to any of these would mean that it is time to go for a new helmet.
Ideally should be replaced every 3-5 years even though these have not been damaged.
Over the time, UV rays and adhesive and component aging could have caused damage to your helmet.
Putting on a damaged helmet might enhance your risk of serious injury in the event of an accident.
Proper use of helmets can increase their life span.
Make sure not to adjust your accessories while riding, any adjustments need to be made only after stopping the bike.
Dropping the might cause serious damage to its shell and the protective foam.
Do not wear anything between your head and your helmet as this could seriously hamper the effectiveness of the helmets.
Hanging the helmet on mirror stalks and handle bars might damage the foam liner.
Exposing the helmets to gasoline fumes or insect repellents and other chemicals can also damage the components of the helmets.
If you are using full-Face tighten the shield ratchet screws if necessary and every time do a thorough check for any damage Using a broken might only aggravate the intensity of risks, so make sure to replace them promptly.
When you buy a new helmet, destroy the old one to make sure that these do not find their way back to the markets where it could be reused.
The correct use of helmets could reduce the risk of injury or death.
So, make sure to fasten the straps firmly before riding.
Check the visor screws and tighten it to ensure a firm fitting.
Over tightening might cause the breakage of Plastic base plate screws and aluminum visor screws.
Proper maintenance is crucial in keeping the helmets fully functional.

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