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How to Make an Ark on the Door

    • 1). Remove any tape or glue from a refrigerator box so it is unfolded and laid flat onto the ground or other cleared solid surface. Sketch the base of your ark by drawing a line horizontally across the top center of the box. Near the bottom of the box, draw an opened up "c" shape on both sides.

    • 2). Cut the cardboard with a craft knife or strong pair of scissors. Follow your sketch marks so the bottom of the ark is flat at the base, curved on the sides, and flat on top - much like a boat shape.

    • 3). Take a second box and remove any sealants just as before. Cut this box into a large square, saving as much of the cardboard as possible. At the top, cut a diagonal line from slightly off center to the edge on both sides. You will be left with a flat bottom, flat sides, and a slanted "roof."

    • 4). Measure the doorway you will be using, and then cut a door in the bottom "boat" box that match the measurements. Hold the bottom cardboard up against the door, with the flat bottom resting on the floor, and the rest of the boat reaching up and around the door frame, to ensure a proper fit.

    • 5). Draw horizontal lines across both cut boxes with a black or dark brown marker. Then, paint the ark with brown tempera paint, which will allow the lines to show through slightly. This will give the appearance of faux gopherwood. Draw any windows you'd like in black marker. Glue animal printouts in the windows, and inside the bottom of the ark so it looks as if they are riding inside.

      Staple gun the bottom and top of the ark around the door frame.

    • 6). Blow up a bundle (about eight) of red balloons, and then repeat to also make an eight-piece bundle of orange, yellow, blue, and purple. You can choose different colors if you'd like. Tie these together with fabric-covered wire and form an archway around the ark. Use a strong double-sided tape to adhere it to the walls.

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