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Nhs Gets Green Light To Treat More Patients With Private Medical Insurance

It has been announced that the NHS will be allowed to carry out more private work for patients who have Private Medical Insurance (PMI). This will increase the choice available to PMI policy holders and reduce costs, according to insurers.
A recent government report on the NHS published in July, revealed proposals to remove the cap on the amount of income that NHS foundation trusts can generate from private work. This would allow the NHS to open more private wings or private patient units (PPUs) and help generate increased revenue, and offering patients and insurers alternatives to existing private hospital groups.
Well known insurer AXA PPP already have a network of 44 NHS facilities, which provide acute medical, surgical and day patient services.
Sharon Lyons of AXA PPP healthcare said: Allowing NHS providers to increase their capacity for treatment of private patients could be of benefit to PMI patients as the introduction of further choice and competition may help to bring down prices.
Principal clinical consultant Dr Doug Wright of Aviva UK Health predicted that the recent proposal could be a big opportunity for the NHS and PMI policy holders but said that members would expect a differentiated service in a private unit.
Aviva currently offers a Trust Care hospital list to its members, allowing them access to private patient units at a reduced cost compared to more extensive hospital lists. Commenting further Dr Wright said this appealed to a set of people who want to support the NHS but want the added convenience of timing and scheduling.
Due to the proposed changes in the report it may lead to more stability in terms of the NHS providers operating in the private sphere. It could also be suggested that the range of facilities available at NHS trusts, including intensive care facilities, may allow a broader range of treatments being offered to PMI policy holders including maternity care.

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