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Tools to Clean Rain Gutters

    Reaching The Gutter

    • Before you can clean the rain gutter you must be able to reach the rain gutter. The simplest way is to use a ladder. Extension ladders that have the ability to lean against the side of the house provide the most support. Make the base of the ladder level and firmly in place. If possible, have someone hold the ladder in place for you.

    Early Cleaning

    • You must wear waterproof gloves when cleaning out a rain gutter. The gloves will not only keep your hands dry while pulling out leaves but will also protect them against nicks and scrapes. If you don't wish to pull the leaves out by hand or have too many leaves to pull out by hand, a gutter scoop is ideal. You can purchase these scoops at hardware stores. Use a small hand-held rake to break up the leaves and debris, making them easier to remove. If possible, take a bucket up the ladder with you to collect the leaves. Another option is to drop the leaves on the ground, but that will lead to more clean up after the fact.

    The Hose

    • Once you've removed the bigger clumps of leaves by hand or by a gutter scoop, use a water hose to wash out the rest. Use a water hose that has a spray nozzle attached to the end of it. A water hose blast will knock out the smaller to medium sized clumps of leaves that may still linger. You can also use a leaf-blower to clean out the remaining leaves, but that might be harder to control on a ladder than a water hose.

    Final Step

    • The dirt and debris at the bottom of the rain gutter should be removed last and may prove to be the most difficult. Those with smaller hands may be able to reach in and remove smaller pieces of debris and dirt. Those with larger hands will need another method. Bending a hanger into the shape of a hook is an ideal tool for the job. Use the hooked end to remove the leaves and debris stuck in the downspout.

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