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Should You Wash Or Dry Clean Your Curtains?

Curtains in your home can easily get stained and can absorb dust with the passage of time. Hence, it becomes essential to clean them after a few months. The cleanliness of the curtains is also required to revive their vibrancy and hence, to make your house more attractive and inviting.

However, before you decide to carry out the task of cleaning your curtains, you should keep in mind the type of fabric they are made of. This is because a number of techniques are used for cleaning curtains and before you decide to opt for any of these techniques, the cloth type should be considered. Choosing the wrong type of technique can ruin your curtains permanently. Therefore, to help you out, below are a few instructions regarding washing the curtains in your house while keeping the cloth type in mind.

Cotton curtains:

Simple cotton curtains can be washed easily at home. All you need is a large tub in which the curtains can fit easily and a good quality detergent. Moreover, wash cotton curtains only with cold water. After you have washed them, do not dry them in a drier; simply hang them outside in a shade. Drying your cotton curtains out in the sun can cause their original color to fade away. Even the color of the sturdiest cloth is likely to fade away in the sun. Cotton curtains usually shrink after washing; therefore, you would require ironing them.

Velvet curtains:

These are the most luxurious type of curtains and hence, need to be cleaned with great care. If velvet is not handled with care, it can be damaged permanently. The technique used for cleaning velvet curtains is dry cleaning. However, before you decide to send your curtains to a dry cleaning store in the market either vacuum or brush the velvet to remove the extra dirt. Other stains can be easily removed through dry cleaning curtains. However, a very important precaution that should be kept in mind is that you should never wash velvet curtains at home. An attempt to do so will ruin your curtains forever.

Lace curtains:

Washing lace curtains is one of the most difficult jobs. Although you can get them dry cleaned but it is also possible to wash them at home. A simple technique is to put them in an old pillow case and tie it shut tightly. You can then hand wash or machine wash them. This technique will prevent your lace curtains from any damage. Even though lace curtains can be washed at home, getting them dry cleaned is always the safer option.

Hence, you cannot tell whether to dry clean or to wash your curtains unless you know about their fabric. The fabric type will tell you how to wash your curtains. A lot of curtains come with the instructions of washing them to help you out. Moreover, even if you think the cloth of the curtains is sturdy do not attempt to wash them without finding out the proper instructions.

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Before making the decision of whether to wash or dry clean your curtains, find out about their cloth type. If the cloth type is sturdy, only then wash the curtains otherwise send them to a dry cleaner.

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