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How Writing Challenges Will Help Stop Writers Block

The usefulness of doing short writing challenges.
Now I don't believe there is a writer out there who from time to time does not get writers block.
Yes I have felt them coming on myself, so far touch wood I have managed to spot/sense they are about to happen and have managed to divert them.
It is unknown exactly what causes writers block; perhaps it is boredom or the loss of thought.
Block Have you been stressed out with school and other things lately could that be causing writers block don't worry it is not some sort of disease or illness.
No matter what the cause, writer's block is something that can be handled and overcome.
It is difficult to know the true cause of writer's block because of the fact that a condition that cripples one person may encourage or inspire another.
Having weak motivation can be a cause of writer's block, lack of planning can often be a cause of block when a writer has no initiative on how to go forward with their story.
Perfectionism can cause writer's block because it leads to anxiety, so don't be pedantic.
Writers block is a common occurrence, even believe it or not among professional writers, that good news is that there are a number of different approaches that you can take to get roughly speaking around writers block.
Perhaps, the most effective way to get over your writers block is to not think about writing for a while, sometimes changing the way that you are writing can help.
The above mentioned approaches are just a few of the many that you can take to overcome writers block.
You will need to experiment and find the approach that best helps you to overcome writers block.
I have a handful of little tricks that I use when I feel a writer's block coming on, because somehow I know instinctively when this is about to happen to me, and find prevention to be better than cure.
I write something every day, it doesn't matter what it is, just whatever takes my fancy, a bit of what you fancy can help keep writers block away.
Don't let yourself write about things you don't know about or understand, always write from the heart, as if you do otherwise it won't be long before writers block will get to you.
Write anywhere, not just at your keyboard, goodness the last thing you should do is become an out and out introvert, because as a writer you have to go out and watch/experience life or eventually you will find yourself unable to write! Illness can be a main cause of writers block, I mean who on earth feels like writing when they have a stomach bug and cannot get off the toilet, having said that after a day in bed with flue I find myself sneaking the laptop in and popping it on the bed with me, laughing, I just cannot help myself.
One thing that always works for me is to write something totally different, and then I can go back later and continue with whatever project I have got bored with beforehand.
I often find myself playing with a handful of random sentences and part sentences, making up little stories out of them, try it, it works.
Here are a few sentences for you to try it out on, just pick whichever ones you fancy and let me know how you get on.
She put the candle out and the moonlight filtered in through the window.
How could she.
She was smoldering inside with righteous indignation.
He stood still at the sink wondering how on earth he was going to get out of this situation.
She felt like wanted to laugh cry or hit him all at the same time.
The spoon gleamed as she picked it up, she could see her reflection the shiny silver which didn't have a single smudge mark on it.
Now you can read the result below: The detective meets the murderer It was dark and eerie as the clouds covered the moon making it almost impossible for the detective to see properly as she lay in the long grass watching over the horses in the field.
She shivered in the cold night air a little voice in her head that she must be mad to be out their alone.
She knew she should have brought someone with her as back up.
A shot rang out into the silent night and the detective jumped to her feet, half in shock and half out of instinct she ran into the field, seeing a shadow fall to the ground as she did so.
She found herself looking down at the body of her client, oozing blood from a riffle wound in the neck, which was pumping blood through its vein at an alarming rate.
She bent down trying to stop the flow of blood from gushing out with one hand as she dialed for the ambulance and Police with the other.
She had no idea where the shot had come from; as she looked behind her rapidly dying client on the ground she saw a pair of knees in jeans.
She leapt up, as she did so she saw the face of her best friend's husband, and it was the last thing she was ever to see.

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