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How to Start a Corporation in Florida With a Spouse

    • 1). Obtain articles of incorporation from the Florida Secretary of State Division of Corporations. The form is available from the physical office of the secretary or from the agency's website.

    • 2). Complete the articles of incorporation. The form provided by the Secretary of State is straightforward. Include basic information including your name, your spouse's name and the address where your corporation is located.

    • 3). List yourself and your spouse as the incorporators of the business as well as members of the board of directors.

    • 4). Designate either yourself or your spouse as the president of the corporation. Designate the other spouse as the secretary. Florida law requires a corporation to have a president and a secretary.

    • 5). File the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. Filing can be done at the secretary's real-world office or over the Internet. You pay the filing fee at the same time. The secretary's office provides information on the current fee to file articles of incorporation.

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