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How do I Find Out If I Have an Outstanding Traffic Court Issue in Georgia?

    • 1). Call the Georgia Department of Driver Services at 678-413-8400. The office keeps records of all traffic offenses that happen within the state of Georgia and can tell you if you have any outstanding court issues.

    • 2). Inform the operator that you'd like information on any outstanding traffic-related warrants, citations or fines you have incurred.

    • 3). Provide the operator with the personal information they request in order to prove your identity. Once you've done so, the operator should be able to quickly provide you with the information you need.

    • 4). Alternately, you can pay a fee to order your driving record online. You can obtain driving records through the state of Georgia Department of Driver's Services website. This option is ideal if you need the information when government services are unavailable. If you'd prefer not to contact the state of Georgia directly, you can instead pay a third-party vendor for a copy of your driving record and traffic warrants.

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