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How to Cook Chile Verde Con Carne

Things You'll Need


How to Cook Chile Verde Con Carne


Set out your ingredients: fresh,organic pork, fresh organic chile verde, a can of chicken broth, a sprinkle of white flour, an iron skillet, a crock pot,for later if you wish.

Cube the pound of pork and brown in the iron skillet. After the pork is browned add a sprinkle of white flour. Remove all the stems and peelings from the chile verde and cut them into striations. Add a can of chicken broth and bring to a simmer. Have your cup or two of white rice cooking ready to go. Simmer for ten minutes.

If you plan to serve this dish at your evening meal, complete the steps as in Step 2 and place all your ingredients into a crock pot so that it will simmer all day. Not only will it taste beyond belief,it will make your house smell great.

You will be a picture of absolute delight emerging from the kitchen with steaming white rice on your plates onto which you will add your pork and green chile. Everyone will say the dish is a hit and will thank you profusely. Pick a cold winter day to perform this event. It warms everyone up nicely.

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