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How to Pick Up Hot Girls Easily - Become the Ultimate Girl Magnet Women Find Hard to Resist!

There are some very crucial traits of guys who know how to effectively pick up women.
You will never be able to pick up a girl if you approach them casually letting them know that you are actually seeking an outcome.
This would only make them avoid you since girls tend to get approached by hundreds of men daily.
You see this is the reason why you need to take a totally new approach.
Read on to discover how you can easily pick up hot women and achieve the desired results fast..
First get your body language under control- If you are highly nervous and shaky when trying to approach a woman she would instantly notice and would know that you are nervous.
You see this would indicate to her that you are low of self confidence which is an obvious turn off according to most women.
Therefore make sure that you maintain a strong body language which shows her that you are very confident.
Don't open with a boring sentence- Most guys tend to approach women and go- Hey! I am john! How are you doing? You see normally a girl would say I am doing fine and would just turn away.
Instead you should try to open using an indirect way for example say this- I am looking to buy a gift for my sister what would you suggest? You see this would instantly get them talking and you will get to chat with them further.
You must flirt- Flirting is extremely important if you want to see your conversation go anywhere.
You will not be able to make that instant initial connection unless you successfully flirt with her.
Make sure you do this early on so that she knows you are not there to be just friends.

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