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What Are My Responsibilities During My Daughter"s Wedding

Your daughter telling you that she will be tying the knot in a few months or a year's time possibly brought you tears of bliss.
You are also most likely filled with excitement knowing that your girl will be wed to a great man and will be starting her own family soon.
However, as excited as you may be in making the necessary arrangements, keep in mind that this is your daughter's wedding and not yours, and you will want to place her needs and wants above your own.
However, you have a number of responsibilities as the mother of the bride, which starts from the planning phase, to the wedding ceremony itself, up to the reception.
Below are most of your roles and responsibilities as the mother of the bride.
From planning to the reception, you will don on many hats, from being a listener, advisor, and a source of solid support.
Your guidance is most valuable during the planning stage.
One of the first elements that your daughter and her would-be husband need to decide on is the budget.
There is no need for you to pay for everything, but it will be best to offer a certain amount.
In addition to this, you should work with the pair and the groom's family in creating the guest list.
Furthermore, look for prospective locations for the wedding and reception, along with hotels where out-of-town attendees can stay in and inform the couple of these options.
You must also help your daughter select her gown and get one for your own as well.
If you haven't met yet, contact the groom's mother and father and invite them for some snacks or dinner.
If she has not picked a gown already, consider shopping for clothes with the groom's mother.
During the wedding ceremony, you will likely play a role in ensuring that the wedding flows flawlessly.
Your daughter will also almost certainly require your help dressing up.
Aside from attending to the requirements of your daughter, attendants will likely direct various concerns to you rather than the bride.
If you are not the one walking the bride down the aisle, expect to be the last person to be seated before the ceremony starts as well.
Hosting the wedding party is historically the responsibility of the bride's family, which means, you and other members of your family will be tasked with greeting and welcoming guests.
As the lead person in the receiving line, you have to make sure that the guests transfer quickly into the hall, so the event can commence.

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