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Cat Towers For Your Pet Store

Retail can be a competitive business.
Some retail stores, like those specializing in pets and pet products, are unique in that human emotion and subject matter expertise can really make a difference between success and failure.
Our family has always loved animals, so when my brother opened a local pet store it was no surprise.
His store offers both live animals ranging from cats to turtles, and he carries extensive lines of supplies and materials for each type of animal.
It may sound a lot like the "big box" stores but really differs in several ways.
He aims to personalize the experience for shoppers, to really immerse them with the animals.
His store, Wilde Things, offers more than just a pet viewing area - it offers places for prospective owners to see animals in close-to-natural habitats and personal viewing rooms.
In the Cat-Porium, for example, there are a number of cat towers connected by platforms and planks.
In this multi-cat room, all of the cats can play and commune together in ways that feel perfectly natural to them.
Unlike the sterile, small, unimaginative cages other pet retailers use, this room full of cat towers shows visitors how happy and playful cats can be.
It's not that far of a stretch of the imagination to envision the cat in their home, having fun.
Cat trees and cat towers are a great way to acclimate newly adopted kitties into their parents homes.
The units offer opportunities to hide when sleepy or playful, and perches allow them to sleep or be observant of their surroundings.
Because the animal used the cat towers for as long as they lived at the store, having them at home can ease the transition for the adopted cat.
It's also important to continue with the same brand and flavor of food, if possible.
If you adopt a cat from any store or individual, try to maintain as much consistency as possible, then slowly introduce any necessary change.

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