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Enjoy a Memorable trip to Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven states of United Arab Emirates. Located between Saudi Arabia and Oman, this place is the most western cultured region of the UAE. It is a perfect place for people who are looking for an escape to an exotic Arabian country. The Dubai government has developed the place with only tourism in their mind and wish to convert it into a World Shopping Centre. With this aim in mind they have come up with some of interesting holiday packages to Dubai.

Indians are one of the major and most regular visitors of Dubai, there are many Dubai tour packages from Delhi for your convenience.  Dubai is one of the most family friendly places, no matter why you come to Dubai you will always find something enjoyable for yourself. The tax free shopping, white sand beaches and the cloud kissing building all of them together make Dubai a wonderful vacation spot.

There are lots of facilities offered to you in these mind blowingtour packages forDubai. Here are some of the things you just cannot miss on your trip to Dubai.
  • Dubai is home to some world class malls, such as the Diera City Centre and The Pyramids. The Dubai mall is the world largest and covers 12 million square feet. Home to big brands such Bloomingdales, Armani and Chanel, the mall also houses the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. For the ones who are under a budget can visit the Dubai Outlet Mall, which runs discounts up to 90 per cent.
  • Dubai is called the city of gold for its cheap jewelry. So make sure you buy your desired jewels at the lowest prices possible.
  • The beautiful beaches of Dubai are covered with white sand and you will find them flocked throughout the year by tourists. Also, you can go for some adventure sports such as sand dune surfing, camel riding or even the popular Dubai desert safari in a hummer.
  • You will be surprised to witness the architectural marvels and skyscrapers of Dubai. The world's only seven-star hotel - the iconic Burj al Arab, JW Marriot Marquis is the world's tallest hotel, the grandiose Atlantis is a man-made wonder on the Palm Islands and a lot more.

Also, you can visit the various restaurants and bars of Dubai, which will suit everyone's budget. The holiday packages offer a great deal of flexibility and guidance to make your trip the most memorable one. With Dubai Tour packages from Delhi you can also be assured of getting the best in customer service. They take care of your travel, luggage and accommodation, all you need to do is enjoy. You can also rely on their vast experience and be sure of not missing out on any of the beautiful sights of Dubai.

You can avail the various offers and discounts available on some ofthe tour packages. So if you are planning to visit this gateway of west and east, make sure you book your tour package now.

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