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Shedding Light On Intimate Partner Domestic Abuse

Intimate Partner Domestic Abuse - What it is? When an intimate partner seeks to gain or maintain control and/or power over another in a relationship by means of Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Psychological and or Economic abuse.
This includes any behaviors that are intended to intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, injure or wound an individual.
These patterns of behaviors are considered domestic violence.
Domestic Violence knows no boundaries it crosses all socioeconomic, educational,racial and religious backgrounds.
It is a worldwide epidemic.
Violence is learned and can be unlearned! [1] Most domestic violence is caused by learning and reinforcement rather than by biology or genetics.
An estimated 1.
3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.
[2] One-third of all female homicide victims that are reported to police were killed by an intimate partner.
Females are more likely to be victimized by someone they know and most likely do not report their abusers or the abuse to the police.
Why Do Women Stay...
Women stay in abusive relationships out of fear and intimidation.
Women stay because they feel guilty that they are taking their children away from their fathers.
They feel trapped by fear and think they will not be able to support their children or themselves; they stay because they are afraid there will be repercussions if they leave the ones that are abusing them.
Seek Help...
Recent research shows [3] "40% of women that are in abusive relationships and sought help, did not get the support that was need to provide them safety after they spoke out against their abusers.
" This does not have to be the case.
Side Note...
Victims of abuse live in a state of fear, uncertainty and depression.
Frequently women who return to their abusers put their lives in serious peril.
Many women return to their abusers several times before they decide to leave, some are not so lucky and wind up seriously injured or dead.
If you get out of an abusive relationship stay out, don't go back.
You are placing your safety and life at risk if you return.
Seeking Help...
If you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who is in an abusive relationship please seek help, keep speaking out, until someone listens.
There are many agencies statewide who have trained, qualified professionals who deal with Victims of Domestic Violence.
Seek help before it is too late.
Domestic Violence is a growing epidemic; It can be stopped by informing and supporting victims of abuse.
Get Help Without Delay.
They will listen - there is help.

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