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Direct Mail Vs Email Marketing

There is no question that email marketing is considerably less expensive than direct mail marketing.
However, when taking into account the amount of business these methods generate, direct mail marketing is the clear way to reach more people who will actually read your advertisement.
Many small businesses that rely on a total electronic marketing campaign are losing a large chunk of potential customers.
Printed materials are much easier to read, and therefore more likely to be read.
Often times, a small percentage of e-mail marketing is ever opened, due to the messages ending up in junk or spam filters or being directly deleted by the recipient before being read.
While direct mail advertisements may also be thrown out, it is safe to assume that at least a portion of the advertisement will be read before being discarded.
Using a total electronic campaign leaves a lot of potential customers out of your grasp.
While the vast majority of people have email accounts and Internet access, it is more likely that they will ignore your advertisements or save them until they are in need of your service or product.
Cultivating a successful email marketing campaign can be time consuming and tricky - there are many laws and regulations to adhere to.
You'll want to be sure you're conveying the best, most appropriate, and eye-catching email subject lines and content to grab the attention of recipients - especially when they are constantly bombarded with electronic marketing.
Failure to mold your campaign into one that gets results and holds potential customer's attention may make them desensitized to your email marketing and delete or unsubscribe from your electronic advertisement.
Direct mail advertising is the surefire way to reach potential clients strictly based on the likelihood that they will pay attention to your physical marketing materials rather than an electronic advertisement.
Furthermore, email lists are very difficult to keep up with, due to the fact that many people change their email address regularly or provide fictitious email addresses.
Compare that to the current housing market, where people are more likely to stay in their homes as opposed to moving.
When taking into account the changing of electronic and physical address factors, direct mail marketing reaches more intended recipients than an email-only campaign could.
Additionally, if a recipient moves, their mail is often forwarded to their new address, ensuring your direct marketing reaches them.
However, many people do not use email forwarding when changing email addresses.
When direct mailing, you'll want to be sure you are targeting those who have a history or a need for your business.
For example, if your business specializes in professional grade cooking products, you'll want to target restaurant owners and caterers.
Conversely, if your business is a restaurant, you'll want to target everyone in a specified radius, because everyone needs to eat.
Take the time to think ahead to your best target audience and anticipate their needs; this will ensure that your marketing materials are read instead of thrown in the recycling bin.
There is no doubt that email marketing is cheap and can be effective.
However, it is imperative that your business utilizes a mix of both electronic and traditional direct mail marketing to acquire the largest possible customer base in order to capitalize on all markets possible.

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