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How to Teach in Medical Schools

    • 1). Attend a school where you can obtain an MD or an MD/PhD. You will need to complete this process and graduate to be considered for any teaching job in a medical school. Knowing this is a goal, you should attempt to gain any type of teaching experience while in medical school, instead of starting from scratch once you graduate. This will allow you to get a head start, gain the experience needed and add some good details to your resume.

    • 2). Take and pass the board exam, which allows you to practice medicine. Similar to an attorney passing the bar exam, you will not be able to work unless you are certified after passing this exam. The exam is split into three phases at a cost of $2,900.

    • 3). Apply for jobs in the field upon passing the examination. You will want to gain some experience as a doctor yourself before attempting to instruct other future doctors.

    • 4). Interview for the position, making sure you wear business attire. Come prepared to exemplify your positive attributes and tell why you love medicine and would be an asset to the company. Upon being offered a job and accepting a position, you should work hard and gain contacts in the field to add continuously to your resume and network of professionals.

    • 5). Check for teaching positions in medical schools once you feel that you have a grasp for the job and are ready to impart to others some knowledge and wisdom in the field. You will again go through an interview process. This time, you will have some years of experience to talk about and express what you have learned.

    • 6). Accept a teaching position once offered. You will undergo training and be given a number of courses to teach, which will allow aspiring doctors to undergo similar steps that got you to this point.

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