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The Problem With Snoring

Snoring can be an annoyance to those who have to sleep next to the snorer. It can also have serious effects on the snorer who does not have to listen to his/her own snoring. A condition called sleep apnea may be at the bottom of a lot of people's snoring. Sleep apnea is a disruption of sleep when someone misses taking one or more breaths. This condition can cause several different illnesses. High blood pressure and cardiovascular accidents (aka strokes) are two of the more serious conditions caused by sleep apnea. It can also cause heart failure in snorers so it is important to treat snoring to prevent these more serious consequences.

Another problem, sleep apnea, causes is the frequent waking of the snorer. This prevents a snorer from getting a restful night's sleep and they are not always aware of the fact that they have been awakened during the night. The next day they are tired and feel sleep-deprived. Some snorers even get into the habit of preventing themselves from entering into a deep sleep stage such as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep because they are aware that they have trouble breathing during sleep. This condition can be caused by the muscles of the throat and the tongue. When these muscles become too relaxed during deep sleep it results in snoring and an obstruction of the airways. The snorer prevents this by remaining in lighter sleep stages. It is not in the snorer's best interest to prevent deep sleep stages. The REM stage of sleep is believed to be the stage that aids in retaining memory. For the reasons listed above, it is important for chronic snorers to cure their snoring.

How does one cure snoring? There have been several answers to this question with varying ranges of success. The concern for some people is medication; they may or may not be in favor of taking medication for snoring and would prefer a natural cure for snoring that does not require medication. For these people there is help. Exercises have been discovered that can help cure snoring. These exercises will eliminate the need for things such as nose clips. These exercises may even prevent the need for surgery. Its worth a try and would be an incredible money-saver.

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