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Catimini - The Joys Of Children"s Fashion

The name 'Catimini' brings whimsical thoughts of imagination to mind.
That exactly is what Catimini has the world to show.
Catimini is a French company specializing in the clothing sector.
Established in 1972, the company brings clothing products to children belonging to ages ranging from new born to 16 years old.
The company was founded by Monique and Paul Salmon, and has since its inception been trailed by the world of fame.
Catimini brings unique style to children's clothing in bright refined colours, best of fabric and excellent quality.
Though labeled as a luxury brand, the products as compared to its excellence and commitment to delivery of quality and versatility, are decently priced.
Catimini clothes are known to be the love of children, for they fit comfortably well to the needs of bodily contortions and otherwise.
If style and fashion are a revolutionary tradition, Catimini is its best follower.
The company astounds the world with its exquisite designs well mentored to perfectly suit the tender ages.
Catimini keeps the world on its toes with its new and fresh 'era' of arrivals to stun the world during two seasons in a year.
Be it a new born or a 10 year old, there is bound to be exaltation for all.
Catimini is not just about the customary outfits of shirts, trousers, skirts and frocks.
It has in its product lines all needs of clothing ranging from jackets, snowsuits, sweaters and urban specialty to accessories like socks, shoes, caps and scarves.
Catimini is no more the palpable luxury to those in London or New York.
The company apparel has seeped to various unexplored markets through online storefronts.
Such ecommerce stores ease the reach and accessibility of people around the globe who might otherwise had to dream a travel tour to indulge their kids in the luxury of Europe's favourite clothing brand for children.
While many branded fashion wears have entered the market since time has begun to count on them, not many managed to stay.
With 4 decades of success in clothing the little ones, the company has kept up to the needs and fancies of the fashion world and won the hearts of consumers who mark their undeterred satisfaction to date.
Their attention to detail draws their well-deserved acclamation and the long lasting quality is great when your kids love to play outside, get a little dirty and have the odd fall.

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