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Secrets of Article Writing - Quick Steps to Attract Readers With Article Marketing

It's all very well writing articles and submitting them on to the directories but it is also important that you ensure that your article will get read by your target audience again and again.
This is one of the best ways you can increase the traffic to your main web page whether it's a squeeze page or a sales page.
Here are some tips that will get your articles noticed online: #1 - Write about your niche reader's hot topic.
What information are your reader's looking for? What are they desperate to learn.
If you visit the forums of your niche you will see the type of questions that get asked repeatedly.
These are the questions you should focus your articles on.
If you are seen as someone that can answer common asked questions, your readers will view you as an expert.
#2 - Write your articles with your readers in mind.
Write as if you are talking to them and only them.
Talk about their concerns and show them the way to achieve their goals or how to take the next step in the process.
When you focus on the needs of your readers instead of your need to sell a product, it will show in your articles and on your website that you care about your readers.
#3 - Use a compelling title in each of your articles.
Create titles that you know will peak the interests of your target market.
There are thousands of new articles submitted to the articles directories each and every day.
The only way you can stand out from the crowd is to use a title that attracts attention and gets notice.

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