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How to Mount an Outboard Trolling Motor Long Shaft

    • 1). Determine the location of the bow mount. Place the motor in accordance with your particular Jon boat's fixtures and configuration. Allow ample space to operate and store the trolling motor and for the installation of the battery (especially for trolling motors with long shafts).

    • 2). Open the mounting clamps on the motor mount by loosening the clamps. Slide the mount over the lip of the bow in the area you wish to mount the long shaft trolling motor.

    • 3). Tighten the mount clamps down over the lip of the bow securely. Open the motor mount bracket and slide the trolling motor into place. Close the motor mounting bracket to secure the motor to the bow mount. Swing the long shaft trolling motor up and down on the pivot and around it to make sure that there is enough clearance to launch and operate it without striking a seat or another fixture.

    • 4). Run the battery wires from the motor to the battery. Attach the positive lead to the positive battery post and the negative lead to the negative battery post.

    • 5). Launch the Jon boat and turn the long shaft trolling motor on to test it. Put the long shaft trolling motor in the water and turn it on. Get a feel for how it powers the boat.

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